About Us


                                     is often considered by most to be a black art of sorts. And in more ways than one, it could be the truth too. With the current aura around the subject, it's not surprising that many are quitting their regular jobs and arming themselves with some formidable photographic weaponry. But not everyone makes it big. Standing distinctly above this ever burgeoning crowd is Prajwal S. This former Unix System Admin quit his rather cushy IT job to pursue his primary passion, photography.

But the road to realising his dream did not begin with just buying a camera and clicking away to glory. Prajwal was mentally prepared for the fact that this is going to be a long and tedious journey. What played in his favour was that Prajwal knew exactly where his strengths lay, namely automotive and technical product photography.

He began by taking photographs of friends and cousins with their respective vehicles, sometimes even using his own vehicle to use camera rigs on. This has enabled him in gaining experience in working with a wide variety of vehicles, as also dealing with tricky situations. As time went by, the word spread and Prajwal became a recognised name in the market. But by his own admission, Prajwal says that the journey has only just begun and he has miles to go before attaining that pinnacle of perfection.